My main interests are travel and challenges. I enjoy working in different countries.

2013- Camino Portuguese - Starting from Lisbon, unfortunately heat was above 40 degrees C. So we travelled by foot & bus through the towns… Continue reading "2013- Camino Portuguese"
2012- Camino Frances - Walking the Camino with my partner from St Jean Pier de Port inside France over the Pyrenees  through the North… Continue reading "2012- Camino Frances"
1983- Solo motorcycle around New Zealand - Starting from Wellington I crossed on the ferry to the South Island and drove to Christchurch, down to Dunedin and… Continue reading "1983- Solo motorcycle around New Zealand"
1982- Solo motorcycle around Australia - I drove a Kawasaki 500 from Melbourne, around to Adelaide, up the centre to the salt lakes and then across… Continue reading "1982- Solo motorcycle around Australia"
1981- USA trip by Greyhound bus - A month pass for Greyhound bus around the United States. I had worked with a company from Texas in Germany… Continue reading "1981- USA trip by Greyhound bus"