1997-1999 International Volunteers Day Committee organiser

As part of International Volunteers Day (5th December) we organised for aid volunteers in Cambodia to help improve orphanage site and buildings doing cleaning, painting repair work and other support on the day.

The committee was organising work groups, donations for materials and also completing outstanding work after the actual event.

I was part of the committee for the events in December 1997 & 1998.

We worked on one orphanage in the centre of Phom Penh & on another about 20km out of the city.

2013- Camino Portuguese

Starting from Lisbon, unfortunately heat was above 40 degrees C. So we travelled by foot & bus through the towns to Porto where my partner & I started our walk which we completed in Santiago de Compostella going via the coast through Portugal due to the heat.

2012- Camino Frances

Walking the Camino with my partner from St Jean Pier de Port inside France over the Pyrenees  through the North of Spain to Santiago de Compostella in 32 days. We then walked another 4 days to Finesterre on the Atlantic Ocean.

1983- Solo motorcycle around New Zealand

Starting from Wellington I crossed on the ferry to the South Island and drove to Christchurch, down to Dunedin and on to Invercargil, then back up to Milford Sound & up the West coast to Nelson & back to Picton.

Then up through Masterton, to Napier & around East Cape to the Coramandel, then up through Auckland to Whangarei to Kaitaia & 90 mile beach. Then down the west coast back to Auckland, to Hamilton & Raglan and around Mt Taranaki via the coast to Wanganui and back to Wellington.

The trip took 11 days.


1982- Solo motorcycle around Australia

I drove a Kawasaki 500 from Melbourne, around to Adelaide, up the centre to the salt lakes and then across the Nullabor to Western Auistralia and down the byte to Esparance & up through Perth & Canarven to Broom & on to Darwin.

From Darwin I drove to Ayers Rock, back up to Tennants Creek, across through Mt Isa and up to Cairnes, then down the coast to Brisbane & to Sydney & across to Canberra and back to Melbourne. The trip took over a month.

1981- USA trip by Greyhound bus

A month pass for Greyhound bus around the United States. I had worked with a company from Texas in Germany and so ended up in Dallas working at the end of the trip.

I also went to Vancouver in Canada & Juarez in Mexico.

After this trip by bus, which mainly deposited you in the downtown areas in cities, when I decided to travel around Australia I chose to do so by motorcycle as the spaces between were the most interesting.