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Below are my video playlists you may be interested in. I hope some of these help you in your endeavours. Please give a thumbs up and subscribe. I also have a Patreon page and would appreciate your patronage in helping me make these videos. GlideApps Playlist Honeycode Visualise Asset/Facility Management Playlist Free Productivity Tools Beginner

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Licensed Software Giveaways

There is this site that has a list of giveaway licensed software, some seem old or redundant, one is malicious at the time I looked, but some have some odd tools. Odd or predictable software that you wouldn’t normally purchase A lot of the tools are for video converters, computer cleanups and password protection thingies

Christmassify website

I saw a couple of websites that had a bit of a Christmas theme so I thought I’d check out if there was a plugin you could add to your site. With WordPress you can just add a Plugin and there were a few, but I’d seen the Christmasify! plugin and decided to go for

AppGyver tutorials exploring data sources, airtables,, Firebase, Google Sheets (via & oData integration

I typed in tutorial for AppGyver and this one popped up. As Glideapps are looking to use Airtable as a backend, and I have an Airtable account I thought I’d give it a crack. Creating Dataset in Airtables and calling it in AppGyver It uses rest api calls to Airtable to get the information, so

Lost & Found

I lost my car keys when walking down at Hataitai Beach, one was electronic key for car and its about $250 for a replacement. I ended up walking home to get a spare key and then back down to car. I made a poster (A4) and a $40 reward but no one came forth. I